TN Muslims condemn anti-Jewish slogan in US Senate Race

TN Muslims condemn anti-Jewish slogan in US Senate Race

(NASHVILLE, TN 9/20/2014) The Tennessee Muslim community is deeply troubled by the anti-Jewish rhetoric used on campaign signs by a write-in candidate for the US Senate from Kentucky named Robert Ransdell.

SEE: USA TODAY “Anti-Semitic candidate aims for U.S. Senate seat

All people of good conscience should be offended by this outrageous vilification of an entire religious community. Sadly, this unfortunate incident is functioning as a publicity stunt for Ransdell and is allowing his toxic message of hate and intolerance to reach more people.

As members of the larger American faith community we condemn the anti-Semitic slogan used by Mr. Ransdell in the strongest possible terms. We believe that hatred toward religious minorities should be seen as attack on the freedoms and safety of all people of faith. Displays of such bigotry are weak attempts to shake the foundations of American society, the relationships and mutual respect that exist between communities of faith and our freedom of conscious. Because of this we must come together to stand against hate and bigotry of all forms, especially when it is aimed at our fellow Americans solely for their faith, ethnicity or heritage.

By adding our names to the list below, we stand with other Tennesseans who repudiate hate. We recognize that the lies and propaganda that are so often used to dehumanize others are both destructive to our state and antithetical to our values. We call upon all people of conscious to join with us and stand against hate in our state, in surrounding states and within our own communities.

American Center for Outreach (ACO)
American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC)
Islamic Center of Columbia
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Islamic Center of Nashville
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