Thank You For An Incredible Year!

Your support has allowed us to be a stronger, more effective organization changing the negative perception of Muslims in Tennessee. Because of you, we have made tremendous strides throughout 2012. Below are just a few of our major accomplishments this year that we want to highlight.

Without your sustained support we cannot be successful in what we do. As we prepare for 2013, I ask that you please make a contribution today to further support our movement. Next year will surely bring new challenges but as a united community our voice will be heard. We will make a difference in Tennessee!

Continuous Muslim Presences at the State Capitol:

This year, state lawmakers continued to come face-to-face with the very people they have been attempting to marginalize. With these consistent interactions, we, as a community, have sustained and created new relationships between lawmakers and our local community. Although there were difficulties, together we were successful in defeating some discriminatory legislation and in amending other bills to minimize their negative impact. We will continue to advocate on behalf of our community while at the same ensuring that elected officials get a chance to meet their constituents.
Clergy Day on the Hill:

Faith leaders have been indispensable in making the moral argument to oppose legislation that would further marginalize and exploit members of our community. Muslim leaders and their allies have been more visible than ever, explaining to legislators the unintended consequences of these bills on our collective future. Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s Clergy Day on the Hill.
GO VOTE Campaign & 2012 Elections:

In an effort to ensure that the Muslim voice was heard this election season, we proudly launched the “Go Vote” campaign this year. After months of preparatory phonebanking, community events, voter registration drives, and voter education trainings, ACO geared up for a final push to encourage all eligible Muslim Tennesseans to head to the polls on Election Day in November. The“Go Vote” campaign included:

TN Muslim Voice at the National Level:

ACO continues to be a leading example across the nation modeling effective methods to counter anti-Muslim movements in communities. We have been blessed with the opportunity to speak on various panels and conferences including:

Redefining Our Voice:

Through numerous strategic communication opportunities, such as articles in both local and national media, we have been able to share our experiences in bringing the Muslim voice to the political stage with the objective of changing the local political debate.

Our New Home, Casa Azafran:

Your recent contribution has made a difference already! On December 1, 2012 we moved into our new home, Casa Azafran, which will serve as a community center and collective for nonprofits and partners.

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