Protect Social Studies in Tennessee!


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Take 5 min. to make sure that Islam is treated accurately and comparably to other faiths!

Please share WIDELY and ACT now! It takes LESS than 5 minutes!


After a pressure campaign from anti-Muslim profiteers, the Tennessee State Board of Education initiated an early review and redrafting of the state’s social studies standards. The resulting new Draft Social Studies Standards have reduced the overall content on Islam by 50% and there is absolutely no guidance or context provided on how to cover what information remains.

We have to act now (before Dec. 15th) to push back!

There’s a simple way to make your voice heard and correct the problem detailed in the quick 4 steps that follow:

Step 1:

Go to: and click “Begin” then, fill in the form, read the instructions and click “Continue.”



Step 2:

Select “Grade 7” from the Grade/Course Level list.


Step 3:

Select “Southwest Asia and North Africa:400-1500s CE” and then scroll to section 7.18 and select “Needs to be reviewed.”



Step 4:

In the comment box please copy and paste the following, italicized text:

Please add the ‘Six Articles of Faith” in addition to ‘Five Pillars of Islam’ that is already included in the draft standards. Adding the “Six Articles of Faith” will ensure that Tennessee students will understand core Islamic beliefs in addition to the rituals that Muslims practice represented by the five Pillars. This addition is crucial for an accurate introduction Islam and Muslims. Additionally, it will make the social studies standards comparable to how other faiths are being presented in the state’s new standards.

The following link to a PBS educational website presents the ‘Six Articles of Faith’ accurately, and it affirms the importance of teaching the ‘Six Articles of Faith’ by placing them before presentation of any other information on Islam.

Link here:

Thank You.


Thank you!