Ask Your Legislators to Vote NO on limiting diversity in charter schools!

Ask Your Legislators to Vote NO on limiting diversity in charter schools!

Bills Preventing Diversity in Charter Schools Close to Passage

Our Collective Voice was Heard!

UPDATE: Because of our collective efforts this bill was amended extensively and a watered down version was pushed back until TOMORROW morning for a vote in the Senate. However, we still have serious concerns about the unintended consequences and message this bill is sending about our state. Let’s continue to contact our legislators and remind them that Tennesseans want to keep their state a welcoming place for ALL. For more information about the bill and how you can take action today click here.

A bill that would restrict the hiring of foreign nationals in charter schools has quickly made its way through the legislative process. SB3345 by Ketron/ HB3540 by Mathney has passed the appropriate committees in both the Senate and the House and is on one of its final stretches.

It is up for a vote in the full Senate & House this week.

This legislation was drafted by the Tennessee Eagle Forum, as a continuation of their controversial, anti-Muslim campaign from last year that we courageously fought off.

As originally introduced, SB3345 would prevent any noncitizen from being involved in a charter school.  In its current form, the bill establishes arbitrary restrictions on the nationality and ethnicity of teachers, regardless of their qualifications or suitability for the subject matter.

To read more about the bill and to take action please click here.

Please spread the word and take action NOW tell your legislators to vote “no” to SB3345/HB3540.


Remziya Suleyman
Director of Policy & Administration

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